PRARIES​ by olli

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the prairies are the farms of Canada, swaying gold wheat for kilometres in every direction. There used to be wetlands and small forests but most are now gone due to farming. The prairies have some of the coldest dry winters and hottest dry summers in Canada, due to the Chinook winds from the mountains to the west. It is in southern Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, extending down into the USA.

Rock + minerals
Rock types: 100% igneous rock like granite. Mining and oil are two major industries in the prairies. Since the area is so dry, there is little precipitation to wash away the topsoil, which is very thick and fertile.

Vegetation and soil
Very rich top soil due to dry weather and agriculture. Called the breadbasket of Canada because it creates 50% of our food. Perfect for growing any plant accustomed to heat and dry, like farming grasses, corn, and beans.
Vegetation: these are a number of plant species that live in the prairies, generally the bigger ones near the east. death camas, white spruce, black spruce, balsam fir, tamarack, Bebb willow, peach leaf willow, box elder, choke cherry, black cottonwood, wolf willow, bur oak, trembling aspen, and balsam poplar. spear grass, wheat, blue grama grass, sagebrush, yellow cactus, prickly pear, buck brush, chokecherry, Saskatoon berry bush, alkali grass, wild barley, red sampire, sea blite, lodge pole pine, Parry oat grass, June grass, yellow bean, sticky geranium, bedstraw, chickweed, needle grass, thread grass, snowberry, American silverberry, rose, silverberry, dry land sedge, black hawthorn, greasewood, wild lupine, smooth aster, and prairie sedge.
94% of prairies is farm land

Climate + climograph
continental climate, very hot summers, very cold winters. High winds, little precipitation due to Rocky Mountains to west. East has more precipitation and has a milder climate. Saskatoon is roughly in the center of the prairies.

Fun facts

The show corner gas was filmed in the prairies. Most of the granite on your counter tops came from the prairies. little mousque on the prairies takes place in the prairies. the praireis are larger than the yukon. most of the population actual live in urban centers. only 14% are farmers.

Test questions
What type of wind makes it so dry in the prairies? Chinook winds
What causes these winds? The Rocky Mountains.
What type of climate do the prairies have? Continental climate

​What provinces are the prairies located in? Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan
What is the heighest peak in the prairies? there is none.