Pacific Maritime

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Welcome to the pacific maritime ecozone, one of the smallest ecozones in Canada. It is also one of the richest ecozones in terms of resources and profit and warmest, maintaining an average temperature of over 0 degrees all year long.

Landform Region
The pacific maritime ecozone is situated on the west coast of Canada. It is 196 200km2 and about half the size of California, making it the third smallest ecozone in Canada, after the mixedwoods plains and The Atlantic maritime. It also has a population of over three million people.
It is made up of numerous landforms; in the middle it has the pacific mountains with some fjords on the western side of the mountains.
The Pacific Maritime ecozone is under pressure from rapid population growth, urban development, and resource exploitation.
Rock types and Minerals
The pacific maritime ecozone is made up mostly of igneous (about 70%), this is mainly due to the fact that the western cordillera and the Canadian shield were both once great mountain ranges but ave now shrunk down smaller yet they remain as igneous rock. The pacific maritime has a bit of sedimentary rock (about 18%), a small portion of metamorphic rock (roughly 7%) and a very little bit of igneous-sedimentary rock (4%).
Some of the minerals they have are coal, zinc and a small portion of gold.

Vegetation and Soil
Lots of Coniferous trees such as Douglas fir, western hemlock and Sitka spruce. The Pacific maritime contains the only rain forest in Canada. It contains most of the above species of trees as well as some amabilis fir, yellow cedar and alder. The soils there are very good to grow things in because they're incredibly rich in humus although some of the soil that is more elevated is very dry and infertile because of the lack of moisture and nutrients.

The pacific maritime region has a lot of mountains, meaning that it generally gets a lot of precipitation. When the warm, moist air masses reach the mountains they move up and, once at dew point, release all of the moisture that they contain.

Fun facts
  • The Pacific maritime ecozone is home to Canada‚Äôs only rain forest
  • Has a lot of wildlife such as white-tailed deer, black and grizzly bears, and mountain lions.
Trivia questions
True or False
The Taiga Cordillera ecozone is smaller than the pacific maritime.

True or False
The Pacific maritime is the only ecozone to have a rain forest.

What causes the pacific maritime to get so much precipitation?

Why is the soil in the pacific maritime very rich in some places but so dry and infertile in others?

Why is so much of the rock in the pacific maritime igneous rock


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