Mixedwood Plains
The Jer Edition

Location & Climate
Mixedwood Plains occur in the southern reaches of Canada near the Great Lakes.
The largest Mixedwood zone is in-between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Mixed wood Plains are one of the major storm tracks of North America and
has over half of canada's total population living there.
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Geology & Geography
This is mostly due to the fact that it's winters are a cool -5 and it's summers are 17+. This allows a variety of vegetation to grow and that is why it is called the mixedwood plains. Plains and hills are found here. Major waterways and lakes, such as the great lakes and the St. Lawrence river make up the majority of the ecozone. The mixedwood plains is mostly made up of Carbonate rich Paleozoic

Vegetation & Soil
The Mixedwood plains is largely composed of deciduous forestry, and plateaus of plains. The dominant predators of the region are the black bear, wolf, and bobcat. The dominant herbivores are the moose and white tailed deer. It also has a large amount of fish.

Trivia & Fun Fact
In the mixedwood plains there is a series of waterfall called the Niagara Falls, people voluntarily jump into a barrel and go down them. I find this hilarious. For fun guess the fatality rate.

To view climograph click the following link = http://drought.unl.edu/whatis/iclimographs/TorontoMetric.htm
1 Which Great lakes are in the Mixedwood plains ecozone?
2 What ecozone has the largest human population?
3 Name a dominant predator
4 Name a dominant herbivore
5 What is the Mixedwood plains largely composed of?